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PostDoc position (2y) in Paris for studying viral and immune dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Dear All,

A postdoc position is available in the area of mathematical modelling of Sars-CoV-2 infection and treatment.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in applied mathematics, statistics, pharmacometrics or similar degree type and significant computational/programming skills (e.g. R, C/C++), as well as experience in mathematical modeling of cellular systems. Experience in working with experimental or clinical data, PK/PD models, and parameter estimation is desirable. The successful candidate will be involved in developing models for studying viral and immune dynamics in human and animal data in response to Sars-CoV-2 infection and treatment. He/She will develop new model of viral dynamics, will investigate new immune biomarkers, and will analyse the efficacy of pharmacological interventions.

The 2-year position will take place in the modeling group led by France Mentré & Jeremie Guedj (, which is part of a larger INSERM unit center devoted to infectious diseases and modeling. It will involve close collaborations with Julie Bertrand on predictive models of disease severity. The position will be paid according to the INSERM salary guidelines. The position is available immediately, but flexibility on the starting date is possible.

Applicants should send a cover letter stating their interest of research and their previous work, a detailed CV and contact information for two or three academic references to and For more information please contact or

Thanks and stay safe,

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