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I am a research scientist in biostatistics/pharmacometrics at the French Institute of Health & Medical Research (Inserm), specialized in infectious diseases and antiviral treatment. My researches have theoretical objectives, such as developing mathematical models to understand quantitative aspects of host/pathogen interaction. They also aim to impact clinical research by optimizing drug combination, dosing regimen and identify characteristics associated with a differential response to antiviral treatment.
My researches have initially focused on chronic viral infections  (HIV, HBV, HCV) and have progressively shifted to acute emerging viral infections (SARS-CoV-2, viral hemorrhagic fever). I also apply the models and the statistical methods developed in virus dynamics to other fields of research, in particular bacterial dynamics (microbiota, phage therapy) and cancer.
I work in the IAME laboratory devoted to infectious diseases, and located on the premises of Hospital Bichat campus, in the north of Paris. Together with Pr France Mentré, I am co-leading a group of pharmacometrics, biostatistics and clinical investigation in infectious diseases of about 30 young scientists (Master & PhD students, Postdocs) and tenured scientists.




Modeling the impact of antiviral treatments in SARS-CoV-2 infected individuals

PhD thesis of Aurélien Marc, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates fundation


Chargé de recherche (Research Scientist)

INSERM / Université Paris Cité

Monkeypox infection and modeling

Postdoc Bach Nguyen, funded by ANRS

Development of a modeling framework to optimize combination therapy of new antiviral agents against Hepatitis B virus.

PhD thesis of Selma El Messaoudi, in collaboration with Annabelle Lemenuel-Diot, funded by Roche pharmaceuticals

2007 - 2009

Postdoctoral fellow

Bar-Ilan University (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Director: Prof Avidan U. Neumann

2003 - 2006

PhD thesis

Université Bordeaux 2

Director: Daniel Commenges & Rodolphe Thiébaut

2000 - 2003

Ecole Nationale de la Statistique & de l'Analyse de l'Information (ENSAI)

2009 - 2012

Postdoctoral fellow

Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico, USA)

Director: Alan S Perelson

Modeling the impact of antiviral treatment at the individual and populational levels

Postdoc of Hind Zaaraoui, in collaboration with Lulla Opatowski, funded by Orchestra (EU H2020)


Directeur de recherche (Research Director)

INSERM / Université Paris Cité

Repurposed drug therapy in emerging viral diseases

Postdoc Guillaume Lingas, funded by Ecole de Recherche de l'INSERM

Modeling the efficacy of antiviral strategies against variants of concerns of Sars-CoV-2: from general community to hospitalized patients

PhD thesis of Maxime Beaulieu, funded by Université Paris Cité (Contrat Doctoral)

Interactions in gut flora during antibiotic treatment

Postdoc of Carlos Olivares, cosupervised with Charles Burdet, funded by ANR Bla Impact

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