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I am a research scientist in biostatistics/pharmacometrics at the French Institute of Health & Medical Research (Inserm), specialized in infectious diseases and antiviral treatment. My researches have theoretical objectives, such as developing mathematical models to understand quantitative aspects of host/pathogen interaction. They also aim to impact clinical research by optimizing drug combination, dosing regimen and identify characteristics associated with a differential response to antiviral treatment.

My researches have initially focused on chronic viral infections  (HIV, HBV, HCV) and have progressively shifted to acute emerging viral infections (SARS-CoV-2, viral hemorrhagic fever). I also apply the models and the statistical methods developed in virus dynamics to other fields of research, in particular bacterial dynamics (microbiota, phage therapy) and cancer.
I work in the IAME laboratory devoted to infectious diseases, and located on the premises of Hospital Bichat campus, in the north of Paris. Together with Pr France Mentré, I am co-leading a group of pharmacometrics, biostatistics and clinical investigation in infectious diseases of about 30 young scientists (Master & PhD students, Postdocs) and tenured scientists.

PAGE 2024, Roma, Italy

26-28 June, 2024


Joint annual meeting of
the KSMB and SMB, Seoul, Korea

June, 30- July, 5 2024
Synergies & Resistances, Aix en Provence, France

4-6 October 2023
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